ggplot2 – much easier with JGR and Deducer

In the last R-User meeting in Cologne, we had a discussion about using ggplot2 – and I gave a short introduction of how to use ggplot2 with JGR and Deducer.

Basically, JGR is a Graphical User Interface for R, and Deducer is a kind of “data analysis plugin”, that also comes with a so-called “plot builder” running ggplot2.

This feature allows users to access the power of ggplot2 through a simple user interface, which makes the start with ggplot2 much easier.

The attached slide pack gives a short introduction (unfortunately only in german), but in order to see Deducer in action, I recommend to have a look at excellent tutorials like

Introductory tour of Deducer

Deducer’s plot builder – Part 1

The slides below


As well as the source code of the slides, in .Rmd format.